Digital Security and data protection

Effective Cybercrime Prevention

Reduce application security risk with unprecedented vulnerability detection capability (see our OWASP Benchmark results here). Julia exploits a rigorous scientific method permitting a semantic analysis of applications: instead of syntactically looking for patterns, it understands the code and identifies vulnerabilities which the traditional methods cannot find. Read more about Julia for Security.

Advanced digital solutions to improve application security, productivity and software quality

Shift left the vulnerability detection and defect removal to achieve true DevSecOps by integrating Julia in your environment. A complete range of checks and easily configurable Advanced Multilevel Dashboards ensure that all stakeholders, from Management to the Developer, can view and analyze the information in the form that is most useful to them. Find out more about Julia for Quality.

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End-to-end solution for IoT software ecosystem reliability

Ensure the security of your IoT environment with a combined in-depth analysis of front-end, back-end and embedded software components of the ecosystem. To keep up with the fast changing domain-specific scenarios, we engage in several ongoing research projects. See how you can implement our 360° IoT solutions here.


 Key Features

Advanced Multilevel Dashboards

A wide set of easily configurable dashboards for different stakeholders permits the maximum exploitation of the information at all levels

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Flexible integration in SDL

Shift left the vulnerability detection and defect removal to achieve true DevSecOps by integrating Julia in your environment. Julia has plugins for the most common IDEs and can be easily scripted in your C.I. environment.

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Outstanding analysis efficiency

More vulnerabilities found and less false alarms thanks to the innovative technology permitting a semantic, not only syntactic, analysis of the software code.

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Bytecode analysis

Keep the security and quality of your third-party applications under control with bytecode analysis.

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Smart ranking of results

Schedule the effort of your development team with automatically calculated action plans based on the severity of the defects.

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Helping you to fix the defects

Navigate the results in your favorite IDE and get suggestions on how to correct the defects directly on the line of code.

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