Pay-per-use analysis in the Cloud

The easiest way to try Julia is to take our free online trial. It’s quick and easy and you’ll be ready to analyze in a few minutes

Even if you are not a large company, it doesn’t mean that your code must not be top-notch!

To accomodate smaller users, be it freelance or SME, Julia is also available as an online service (JPS, Julia Portal Service). You get all the benefits and the power of the analyzer, the only difference is that the analysis takes place on our cloud server.

The configuration of the analysis and the consultation of the results are operated from the development environment through plugins just like for the solution installed on premises.
The management of the user account, consultation of user statistics and analysis history are operated through a web console.
To get started, you can register here and take a free trial of the service.
For details see service costs, terms and conditions and how to manage teams.

Start your free trial

The easiest way to try Julia is to take our free online trial. It’s quick and easy and you’ll be ready to analyze in a few minutes:

You will find instructions and links for manuals once you are logged in, and under the area “Resources” of our website.

Service costs

Use it when you need.....
The low-key macro shot with a credit card.

To access the service you need to register for free by providing some personal data. At first registration, as a free trial, we load the first 10,000 credits free of charge. Once this credit has been exhausted, it must be purchased using a valid credit card.

Credits can be purchased in packages of different sizes:

  • 3.500 Credits €100
  • 15.000 Credits €300
  • 27.500 Credits €500
  • 57.000 Credits €1000 it when you use it

There is no fixed fee, mandatory minimum monthly consumption or other hidden costs: pay only what you analyze.

When calculating the LOCs, only the actual lines of code are considered (comments are excluded, etc.). Libraries can be included in the analysis to improve accuracy, but these are not counted in the price. The first time an application is analyzed, the applied cost is full (Analysis Cost + Run Cost). For subsequent analyzes of the same application only the run cost is applied, at least if the code has not undergone significant changes.
The costs currently applied are:
Analysis Cost = 1 credit
Run Cost = 0.25 credits
For a detailed description of costs, counting and variation of the code, consult the Customer Agreement.

Usage manuals and tutorials are available in the Technical Documentation section.

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