Our partnership program

Our Certified Partner Program allows partner organisations to integrate their offering with a range of highly professional and strategic products and services to meet the growing market demand for software quality and security solutions.

Referral Partner

To become a Referral Partner means being able to signal to JuliaSoft a potential client interested in the specific solution. The commercial negotiation, the sale of the license and of the services is carried out directly by JuliaSoft that acknowledges the Partners a commission on the first sale to the new client.

Solution Developer Partner

The Solution Developer Partner cooperates with JuliaSoft to create interest in the JuliaSoft solution through meetings, presentations and other actions with potential clients. The Partner may sell independently consulting services on JuliaSoft. The sale of licenses, support and consumption, instead, remain the responsibility of JuliaSoft that acknowledges a commission to the Partner.
Certification of at least three consultants and the purchase of the Partner Kit are required.

Full Reseller Partner
To become a Full Reseller Partner means integrating one’s product portfolio with the most powerful Java static analysis solution on the market. In addition to consulting services, the Partner also sells directly the entire technological solution (licenses, support, maintenance, consumption). JuliaSoft acknowledges a commission to the Partner on the sale of the technological solution.
Certification of at least six consultants and the purchase of the Partner Kit are required.

Contact our Partner Manager to find the most suitable Partnership formula for your organization.

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