About us

JuliaSoft is an innovative technology company specialized in software verification.
We help our clients to improve their application security and quality by providing them with the best possible solutions for in-depth analysis of software.
With JuliaSoft solutions, our clients can significantly reduce their development and maintenance costs, and eliminate risks related to security vulnerabilities and privacy leaks.

The uniqueness of our core technology results in a particularly deep and accurate analysis of Java, Android and .Net code, as demonstrated by open, repeatable comparisons (see OWASP Benchmark).

A profound understanding of the scientific principles at the base of the technology and an internal research team guarantee that our solutions always keep at the forefront of innovation.

Born as a University of Verona spin-off company in 2010, since June 2015 JuliaSoft is part of Corvallis Group, one of the top Italian IT service companies.

Our mission

To provide companies and developers with the best possible solutions for code verification to help them make better and more secure software.

We reach our goal applying a rigorous scientific method to static analysis.


    Certifications/ISO_9001_COL.png     Certifications/ISO_IEC_27001_COL.png
JuliaSoft is certified ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 and has undertaken various initiatives to promote the continuous improvement of the efficiency and quality of services offered, so as to satisfy the demands of the customer.
Certifications/pdf-icon.png   Download the ISO 9001 Certificate
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