About us

Julia srl is an innovative IT company specialized in software verification.

Our flagship product is the Julia Analyzer, a completely automatic and highly precise tool for the static and semantic analysis of Java, Android and .NET able to identify a wide range of bugs, errors, inefficiencies and vulnerabilities.

The goal is to guarantee the reliability, security and efficiency of the applications and thus avoid devastating consequences, particularly critical in certain sectors due to potential damage in terms of costs and brand reputation.

Our internal R&D team and a solid scientific base differentiates us from the competitors and guarantees the quality and precision of our tools and services.

Born as a University of Verona spin-off company in 2010, since June 2015 Julia is part of Corvallis Group, one of the top Italian IT service companies.

Our mission

To provide companies and developers with the best possible code verification tools to help them make better and more secure software.

We reach our goal applying a rigorous scientific method to static analysis.


Julia is certified ISO 9001:2008 and has undertaken various initiatives to promote the continuous improvement of the efficiency and quality of services offered, so as to satisfy the demands of the customer.
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