Julia obtains CWE compatibility

The Julia Analyzer has achieved the final stage of MITRE's formal CWE Compatibility Program and is now officially "CWE-Compatible."

Targeted to developers and security practitioners, the Common Weakness Enumeration (CWE™) is a formal list of software weakness types created to:
  • Serve as a common language for describing software security weaknesses in architecture, design, or code.
  • Serve as a standard measuring stick for software security tools targeting these weaknesses.
  • Provide a common baseline standard for weakness identification, mitigation, and prevention efforts.  
Beyond the creation of the CWE List and associated classification tree, a further end-goal of this effort is to take the findings and results of this work and use them as the foundation of a CWE Compatibility Program that can be directly used by organizations in their selection and evaluation of tools and/or services for assessing their acquired software for known types of weaknesses.

Use of the official CWE-Compatible logo will allow system administrators and other security professionals to look for the logo when adopting SwA products and services for their enterprises.
The compatibility process questionnaire will help end-users compare how different products and services satisfy the CWE compatibility requirements, and therefore which specific implementations are best for their networks and systems.

For additional information about CWE compatibility visit the CWE Compatibility Program.