Julia Quick Start

Through the following simple steps, this guide will teach you how to perform your first analysis with Julia:

Install the Eclipse plugin from the following update site and restart Eclipse:
Configure the service preferences on the plugin using the access key and secret key found on your profile page on this website.
The service URL is already precompiled (https://portal.juliasoft.com/services/PluginService).
Once done click on Acquire solutions: a message showing "Solution list acquired" should appear, then select Default in the Solution combo.

Open the Julia Analysis Wizard dialog by clicking on the Julia toolbar icon

For the first analysis just select the project you want to analyze and leave the other settings as they are.

Click Next
Select just the Basic Checkers and click Finish

Done! Your first analysis is being processed by Julia servers. You can follow the analysis progress by looking at the Julia Analysis View (and at the Console view for a detailed log).

When the analysis is completed you can explore the results on the Julia Analysis View. Click on the completed analysis and browse the warnings. Double click on a warning to open the corresponding line on the source code.
For further details on the analysis options and on the other features of the Julia plugin for Eclipse look at the documentation.