Front end clients

Julia has a Client-Server architecture. The analysis server can be installed on premises or used as a cloud service (Julia Portal Service).
A web console is available to manage teams, define projects and configure user accounts. From the web console you can also consult all past analyses and download their results in XML or PDF formats. 
The user clients are integrated with the most common development environments for each language:

  • Eclipse Plugin
  • IntelliJ Plugin
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Extension
  • Android Studio


  • Connect to your analysis server;
  • Launch new analyses;
  • Consult the analysis results of all your team members;
  • Filter and reorganize the warnings according to different parameters;
  • Go to the line of code to examine each single warning;
  • Export an XML file of all the warnings;
  • Download a PDF report with all the analysis data and results.

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Integrating Julia in your Software Development Life Cycle? Just write a simple script and call our APIs.

You can download the XML results file on our QlikSense Julia Template to graphically navigate the warnings and to create great looking reports.