Julia for Quality

Julia includes a set of analysis modules (checkers) to cover a wide range of defects and inefficiencies. The checkers are independent from each other and can be freely included in the analysis. For a complete list see the technical documentation.

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Taking your software quality to the next level helps you to:
  • Reduce Development and Deploy time;
  • Reduce functional testing time;
  • Reduce maintenance costs;
  • Boost your brand reputation.

Correctness: Julia checks the conditions in the code that may have a very serious impact during execution (e.g. errors that may cause NullPointerExceptions, major inaccuracies in data, infinite loops);

Julia reports solutions adopted in the code with a potentially negative impact on the efficiency of the programme (e.g. difficult maintainability, redundancy, prolonged execution times, excessive use of system resources).

Julia suggests improvements for those parts of the code that do not follow Java style and conventions (e.g. in the use of keywords, in names of keywords and variables, in the syntax of indicators defined by the user). Well written code is easier and less expensive to maintain.