Finding and fixing bugs has been the most expensive task in software for more than 50 years. The most efficient way to reduce this cost is to introduce code analysis before testing.”

Digital Transformation, profoundly affecting all businesses, makes software one of the key corporate assets thus significantly influence the business KPIs. Defect removal in early phases of the Development Life Cycle is one of most efficient ways to reduce maintenance and development costs.

In a DevOps context, shifting left becomes even more fundamental, and requires maximum automatization to integrate static analysis in the existing processes to keep up with the rapid release cycles.

Julia can be flexibly fitted in your Continuous Integration environment and features a complete range of CWE compatible checks to ensure that bugs, errors, inefficiencies and vulnerabilities are removed in the earliest phases of the SDLC. Julia helps you to:

Optimize processes with significant reductions in Total Cost of Ownership

Control the quality of your own and third-party software with bytecode analysis

Boost your brand reputation by avoiding software-related service disruptions

Julia analysis modules (checkers) cover a wide range of defects and inefficiencies. The checkers are independent from each other and can be freely included in the analysis.


Julia checks the conditions in the code that may have a very serious impact during execution (e.g. errors that may cause NullPointerExceptions, major inaccuracies in data, infinite loops).


Julia reports solutions adopted in the code with a potentially negative impact on the efficiency of the program (e.g. difficult maintainability, redundancy, prolonged execution times, excessive use of system resources).


Well written code is easier and less expensive to maintain. Julia suggests improvements for those parts of the code that do not follow Java style and conventions (e.g. use of keywords, names of keywords and variables, syntax of indicators defined by the user).

See the complete list of checkers.

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