“As digital becomes intrinsic to an organization, companies should position security and risk as a core business value.”

(Gartner, September 2019)

The continuous growth of cybercrime means that all organizations are likely to suffer attacks in the near future. These can result in data breach, data loss and serious service disruptions. Perimeter defense is only part of the solution, as security must be a multi-layer effort.

To help you protect your assets, Julia identifies security vulnerabilities in your applications. Furthermore, bytecode analysis permits the verification also of all the third party code you employ.




A continuously updated range of checkers to find the most serious and frequent vulnerabilities. These include TOP 10 di OWASP and CWE / SANS Top 25 Most Dangerous Software Errors.

Find security vulnerabilities with unmatched precision, as you can see in the Julia OWASP Benchmark Comparison.

Set Security Gates also for third-party software thanks to bytecode analysis

Helps your move to DevSecOps with integrated, automatic vulnerability detection.

Julia technology identifies all the possible data flows which can be exploited by a malevolent user to introduce harmful behaviors, without generating errors in execution. Some of these vulnerabilities are particularly dangerous, such as SQL Injection, Command Injection, Cross-Site Scripting, http-response splitting.

Security Scores are calculated based on international standards such as CVSS (Common vulnerability Security Score).

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