“70% of industry experts cite security as main obstacle in implementing IoT solutions”

Digital transformation addresses all areas of business. IoT, Industry 4.0 and the exponential diffusion of mobile devices create new risk scenarios, where previously isolated components become part of the interconnected ecosystem and therefore potentially vulnerable.

In an IoT context it is particularly important to ensure the combined invulnerability of all layers involved: from the sensors and other embedded components, to the connected front-end and back-end applications. If one of these fails to keep a malevolent user from entering, the whole systems is put at risk.

Julia helps to mitigate these risks:

Julia analyzes Android, the most widespread language used for smart devices, including specific checks for Intents to prevent data leakage

Julia in-depth Java and .NET analysis provides a comprehensive vulnerability check of back-end applications

For embedded software analysis JuliaSoft partners with GrammaTech, the provider of a premium C/C++ static analyzer CodeSonar

Our R&D Lab participates in several research projects to enhance domain-specific security checks, such as Android Automotive, Android Things

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